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One day one man had a dream. He dreams to revolutionary’s photography. He dreamt to take it to the masses make quality within affordable limits. His vision took him round the world in pursuit of knowledge from Technical-Professional-Amateur and commercial. He came back to his seat of action to the place where his future head quarter would be, his Nawabi City of Lucknow, Armed with all kinds of data and info and established his first lab as KAYDEE COLOR LAB in 1996.

In a span of 20 years KAYDEE COLOR LAB has grown to KAYDEE DIGITAL LAB AND DIGITAL STUDIO. This tremendous growth was possible because of his Vision and his people co-operation.

Now this man has turned NET SAVVY (Global) and expanded his wings to cover the entire globe.

His name is Capt R. Agarwal and Mr. Suresh Agarwal who worked on and behind the scenes matching the larger than life dreams of his elder brother.


Capt R. Agarwal – Capt of a Merchant Vessel, hailing from Tehsil Fatehpur, a simple town, joined the Merchant Navy as cadet way back in 1982. After 22 years of hard work and accumulating details from world over nursing the fire deep in his heart to establish the very latest in DIGITAL PHOTO LAB. He is continuously expanding and improving his own vision.

Working along with his elder brother is Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal. It was his business acumen and hard work which helped to sail KAYDEE COLOR LAB in the absence (whenever on ship) of his brother.

Besides his younger brother the men who believed and supported him whole heartedly are Mr. Satish Sharma and Mr. Ravi Sharma. Without their unfailing support this organization would have been just a dream.




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